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BANA Space Settlement, is a new life style, that offers future generations the ideal Utopia. BANA, by its Taino origin, meaning great or grand place is an innovative space settlement that contains both the latest technologies and necessary basics for human life in space. This project was started on August 2012, later on submitted to the NSS-NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Competition on March 1st, 2013. The project obtained Third Place world wide on the 12th and 11th grade category and Honorable Mention in Literary Merit. BANA Space Settlement is continuing to evolve and expand through the future pioneers and crew members.

Students in the program are divided into the following groups:

Environmental Sciences

A multidisciplinary branch of biology that includes chemistry and geology in order to understand the relationships between organisms and their environment.

Paola Nievez Ruiz, Jenylis Vega Quintero, Soliana Cortez, Melany Perez

Title:Soil Monitoring Under the Arecibo Observatory Radio Telescope Dish

Space Engineering

A multidisciplinary branch of engineering that includes electrical and mechanical engineering as well as astronomy and physics to prepare humanity for space exploration.

Adrian R. Figueroa Robles, Diego Candelaria Galan, Esteban Morales Neris, Ian Bouche Sibilskis, Patria De León Cortés, Isidro Rivera Cruz, Jan Rivera Rivera, Lian Pérez Sierra, Santa L. Pérez Cortés, Keishla Vera Martínez

Title:Potato Space Settlement

Astrophysics & Planetary Science

A multidisciplinary branch of physics that includes astronomy, chemistry, biology, and geology to understand the universe and its constituents, such as planets, as a system.

Kelby Palencia

Title:Identification for possible Planetary Behavior in a Binary Star System